Time for the Whiteroom full movie

So I didn't blog too much the last time, because I was traveling around europe to join as many of our movie premiers as possible. The positive response that I got from the audience was reason enough to start a new project. So we're already filming on our new project and I promise you'll like it ;-)

But first you'll get the most important stuff now!
The free online release in HD of our last years project "Time for the Whiteroom"
It was a great effort of the whole crew and I'm happy to say that we managed it to keep on being productive, without losing our pleasure and fun for skiing!
Enough said for the moment, I'll keep you updated - and enjoy our movie ;-)

Time for the Whiteroom from Simon Platzer Films on Vimeo.

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  1. The title looks interesting and so do the review. i will do watch it and will post my personal review and experience about watching this movie. thanks for sharing..