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... and here it is, the trailer of our upcoming movie!!!
This season we´ve been to NZ, Turkey, Canada, Iceland and Alaska ;-) So we had a lot of opportunities to catch some sweet shots and a lot of fun as well!
The riders:
Björn Heregger, Alexander and Johannes Hoffmann, Fabian Lentsch, Jochen Mesle, David Pitschmann, Martin Rofner, Roman Rohrmoser, Michi Trojer,Neil Williman, Max Zipser and myself.

The premiere will be in october in our hometown Innsbruck.
Further information on our fb page

So enjoy ;-)


home sweet home

Sorry for not blogging about the last 3 months…
but organizing a movie demands so much time and effort, you wouldn´t expect that. Anyway, this season we managed to send the crew to even more different filming locations around the world. To keep you interested, we´ve been to Turkey, Canada, Iceland and Alaska - You´ll get a hand picked selection of pictures and some behind the scenes informations the next days!
But first I´ll start with the last 2 weeks I spent around my hometown Innsbruck. Last weekend the „Norkette Quartett“ has been held for the first time. It´s a relay with 4 competitors per team, but the special thing is that every team member has to compete in a different sport. Alright here is a short explanation: It´s about getting up and down the Nordkette as fast as possible on a defined route. The starter had to get up nearly 2/3 of the 1150 altitude difference on his mountainbike. Where the snow starts, the touring guy takes over to run up the rest of the mountain. Nearly :) it wasn´t the real top, because the downhill skiers had to run to their start as well (which was really exhausting). After skiing down to the snow limitation, the mountainbike downhill competitor was forced to manage the trail down to the finish as fast as possible.
the starting group
The comp was quite popular from the first moment - the organizers had to stop the registration after the first 100 teams. My team mates were Daniel Rubsoier (mountainbike uphill), Marc Hochstaffl (ski uphill) and Gerhard Senfter (mountainbike downhill). We were able to finish with a time of 01:06:40, which brought us the 2nd place. Congratulations to my team mates once again!

difficult conditions for the downhiller
the podium

left: Raphi Webhofer from the winning team and right: Gerhard

A few days the weather got better and the snow conditions got stable again. Time for some steeps… With my buddies Joi and Alex Hoffmann, as well as Fabi Lentsch and the famous Arthur Spooner, I was hiking the 50° northface of the Brochkogel.

As a reward there was not a single cloud in the sky and the clear view towards Italy was just amazing! But not just the view – the faceshots I collected on the way down were awesome as well!
drop in


Even the lower located Taschach northface which reaches 50° on a vertical drop of 600m was a real pleasure to ski. That´s how burger likes it ;)

And what burger also likes is „figln“ in the slushy spring snow. It´s a weird kind of short skis, originally invented to slide down the sun effected soft top layer of the avalanges after hiking some peaks. But just sliding around in the ski area is so much fun, trust me ;) you better try it!

See ya


Time for the Whiteroom full movie

So I didn't blog too much the last time, because I was traveling around europe to join as many of our movie premiers as possible. The positive response that I got from the audience was reason enough to start a new project. So we're already filming on our new project and I promise you'll like it ;-)

But first you'll get the most important stuff now!
The free online release in HD of our last years project "Time for the Whiteroom"
It was a great effort of the whole crew and I'm happy to say that we managed it to keep on being productive, without losing our pleasure and fun for skiing!
Enough said for the moment, I'll keep you updated - and enjoy our movie ;-)

Time for the Whiteroom from Simon Platzer Films on Vimeo.


official trailer is online

Time for the Whiteroom presented by SPfilms
Producer: Johannes Hoffmann & Daniel Regensburger
Director: Simon Platzer
Rider: Max Zipser, Roman Rohrmoser, Johannes Hoffmann, Flo Orley, Daniel Regensburger, Björn Heregger, Fabian Lentsch, Michael Trojer, David Pitschmann
More Info and Tour Dates on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Time-for-the-Whiteroom/213395625415827


Trailer Premier - Time for the Whiteroom

alright, it`s time to release the trailer of our upcoming movie "Time for the Whiteroom" which will be shown in fall 2012.
But for the moment, just make sure that you come to Sparkassenplatz on sunday 1st of july at 8pm. The trailer will be shown on a huge HD screen just before the final of the UEFA Euro 2012.

So see you there,
cheers Burger