for a few lines more - trailer

... and here it is, the trailer of our upcoming movie!!!
This season we´ve been to NZ, Turkey, Canada, Iceland and Alaska ;-) So we had a lot of opportunities to catch some sweet shots and a lot of fun as well!
The riders:
Björn Heregger, Alexander and Johannes Hoffmann, Fabian Lentsch, Jochen Mesle, David Pitschmann, Martin Rofner, Roman Rohrmoser, Michi Trojer,Neil Williman, Max Zipser and myself.

The premiere will be in october in our hometown Innsbruck.
Further information on our fb page

So enjoy ;-)


  1. Antworten
  2. Nice blog post and thanks alot for sharing the video link. will look more into it on some spare time. thanks alot..

  3. Wow, more than trailer I loved the scenries. I have seens some great places in GOT from New Zealand and these images are cherry on top. Also good to see you had fun there. Thanks for sharing it

  4. I haven't watched it yet but it looks convincing. Going to download it and hope it won't spoil my weekend. Thank you for sharing the trailor