Tram Face Squaw Valley

After hours of traveling by car and by plain, I finally arrived in San Francisco and discovered that Forrest Gump's company really exists :-) But I was feeling worst and worst.

The next day I got fever and I think I got it of all this hardcore aircondition machines.
Then I got my rental SUV, which was really cool, but still hard work to drive to Squaw, while fighting with heatwaves, head- and stomachache.

(photographed by C. Margot, official picture of the FWT)
My drop in from the Tram building roof; I stomped it clean, went down as fast as I can and focused my power and concentration at the triple drop at the end. But I still was not fit enough and crashed at the last drop, so I got 11th at the Silverado face.

the next days it was dumping really hard, so we had some downdays in the motel
... waiting for the final at the Tram face ...

... having a steak and playing a bit in Reno...

... washing my clothes in the Tahoe City laundry ...

... finally getting ready to ride some pow, and I was more and more excited to ride the Tram Face! But then the final was cancelled, because of a high avalangerisk

when I left Squaw Valley, the Tram Face looked brilliant, but we were not allowed to ride it...

back on the road again

competition link: www.freerideworldtour.com

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